Washington Student Cycling League Student Council


What is the WSCL Student Council all about?

The Student Council is a great way to get even more involved in the Washington Student Cycling League! If you have ideas for the League, this is a way to make them heard. As a group, we are able to provide a rider’s point of view and influence decisions. We also have our own responsibilities, including choosing spirit days and activities, as well as running the awards ceremony. Our first spirit day is Crazy Sock Day! Wear your craziest socks to the race on April 9th!

What is the Student Council doing this season?

This year, the theme of the Student Council is empowerment. We want to empower League student riders through fun activities that increase team camaraderie and boost love toward the sport of mountain biking. To achieve this goal, we get to pick fun spirit days for each race! We also get to give out special awards at the award ceremony for biggest smile, muddiest rider, best crash, etc. By the end of the season, we want all the League riders to have fun and feel empowered!

How do I apply?

You can apply online here. Any high schooler who has been in the League for a year or more can apply, no leadership experience is required! Even if you are just lightly considering participation in Student Council, we highly encourage you to apply. Application is a quick and easy process, and even if you are not selected or we already have enough members from your region, the application is still a great way to share your ideas.

We need applicants from each of the regions shown below. We especially need applicants from the Southwest, North Central, Northeast, and South Central regions.








We hope to see you in Student Council this year! Apply today for this one-of-a-kind leadership experience!

Contributors: Elena Runyan and Hayden Gizinski, current Student Council members.