Trail etiquette tips brought to you by the Washington Student Cycling League Student Council



When starting a race…
Be kind and encouraging to other riders while waiting for the race to start. Remember, even that they are your competitors, all your fellow racers are probably just as nervous as you are! As the race starts, try not to swerve in front of people. If you fall, get back up! There is plenty of time to catch everyone during the rest of the race.


When you want to pass a rider, you should …
Let them know! Do this effectively by telling them which side you are going to pass them. Call out in a loud, clear voice: “passing on your left” or “passing on your right”. If there is not a good place to pass, let them know that you are behind them. After you have passed them, make sure to say thank you! If you are getting passed, make sure you leave enough space for the rider behind you to get by. Even if you think you are faster than the rider behind you, still let them pass as soon as you hear them ask! You can always pass them again later if they are not actually faster.


When riding on singletrack…
Make sure you pass in an area that is safe for both you and the other riders! Wait until the rider in front is comfortable with you passing so you don’t cut them off. If the person riding in front of you cannot immediately pull off the trail, be patient and wait until there is a safe place for the rider to shift to the side of the trail. If you are getting passed and do not see a good place to pull off the trail right away, let the person behind you know that you heard them and will let them pass as soon as possible.


When riding on doubletrack…
Still call our “on your left” or “on your right” if you are going to pass someone. Even though there may be room, it is still important to let the other rider know you are going to pass them. That will prevent any danger of them swerving and crashing into you. If someone calls out that they are passing you on doubletrack, do not purposely speed up to make it harder for them to get ahead. Keep at the same pace and let the passing rider enter the next singletrack section first.


If a sprint-to-the-finish occurs, be sure to…
Not do anything dangerous like running into another rider or your competitor in order to get ahead. A sprint is totally awesome and exciting, but the most important thing to do is stay safe! And smile of course!

Supporting Others
Once you finish the race…..
Continue to cheer on everyone as they finish the race. Everyone deserves the same amount of support!


Throughout the day be sure to be respectful and encouraging to the other riders. Wish people good luck, smile, cheer racers on, give high-fives, and congratulate! Exemplify with your words and actions everything the mountain bike community is all about!