Spring League 2021



The Washington Student Cycling League is working in accordance of the Washington Healthy Washington requirements for school and non-school youth sports teams as well with other agencies such as county, city, health departments and land managers to make sure that we comply with all requirements. We are 100% committed to keeping our students, coaches, and families safe and healthy.


The risk of transmitting the SARS CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19 depends on multiple factors including:

  • Number of people in a location

  • Type of location

  • Distance between people

  • Length of time at location

  • Level of protective equipment used (e.g. face coverings). As a general guidance, smaller groups are safer than larger ones; outdoor locations are safer than indoor; sports can ensure distance of six (6) feet or more are safer than closer contact; and shorter duration is safer than longer.

The good news is that mountain biking is considered a low risk sport and addressing the factors above is much easier to do with mountain biking than most other sports.


Why are there 3 sessions this year instead of 1?

Due to COVID-19 and requirements from the State of Washington and other agencies, we are breaking the Spring League up into 3 sessions to create pods, reduce exposure, for contact tracing and because of increased demand.

Can we have more than 5 students in a group if some are from the same household?


Can we have more than 1 coach per ride group?


What if we still stick to the group size of 6, can we have 2 coaches and 4 students?

No, we are trying to meet the demand. Remember, kids need to ride now more

I thought League policy is that there must be more than 1 coach present at all times?

Yes, that is true. We are working to make sure that a minimum number of groups will be present at the same time and same location each week.

What if only one student shows up for practice?

The practice will be cancelled. There is a minimum requirement of no less than 3 people for a group ride. A licensed coach and at least two students are required for a ride.

I am interested in coaching a group. What coach license level is required?

Level 2. For 2021, we will accept online CPR and first aid certifications. We recommend the online courses through American Red Cross.

When are the coaching clinics?

Due to COVID-19, we are not holding coaching clinics until restrictions are lifted.

What happens if a coach or student gets COVID-19?

See our Return to Play Guidelines. These guidelines will be reviewed and updated for each Spring League session.

What happens if a coach can’t make the practice? Is practice cancelled?

We will work with coaches to find a substitute. If a substitute is not available, then yes, practice will be cancelled.

What happens a practice is cancelled, will it be rescheduled?

Most likely not due to fixed groups and ride locations and permits with land manager and agencies.

Races – will there be races?

Currently permits to hold races are not available due to COVID-19 and not included in the 2021 Spring League program. We will however be offering optional virtual competitions for all enrolled students. The competitions will vary and may include a mileage challenge, a vertical challenge, a time trial or other fun challenges on the bike.

What if restrictions lift, will you hold races?

We are eager to get our statewide community to together! If restrictions lift and a race is possible, we would most certainly consider hosting them. Most likely, the number of competitors would be limited. In the situation, all 2021 Spring League students would be given priority.

What is the cost to participate?

  • Students: $110 per session.

  • Coaches: $30 annual license fee.

  • Teams: no team fee for 2021

What is refund policy?

The Washington Student Cycling League understands that money is valuable, and circumstances arise that can cause a change in plans. We want to work with you to put your money to good use wherever possible. We also forecast our programming resource planning based on having a solid understanding of how many students and coaches we are expecting, keep in mind that we are a nonprofit organization.

Based on these considerations we have adopted the following refund policy that applies to all registered participants (i.e. student-riders, coaches, camp/clinic/event participants).