Roslyn Roundup

Downtown Roslyn, WA

May 7, 2017

The town of Roslyn has welcomed us back for a second time! We are excited to return and invade the small town once again.

No matter which way you try to slice the bread, there is simply no way around starting this race without a substantial climb. But don’t worry, the trail is fun and the downhill is worth it. we call this “Earning Our Turns”.

10:00 AM Race: The main course is approximately 5 miles long with about 550 feet of climbing. Staging starts in downtown Roslyn on the Coal Mine Trail and takes you through Roslyn city streets to the trail. Don’t worry about getting the hole shot here, the climb will most definitely spread racers out :). The course consists of gentle single track climbing with a couple of short punchy climbs. Upon reaching the top, riders will plunge down some fast and flowing single track.

12:30 PM & 1:30 PM Races: This course is an abbreviated version of the 10:00 AM race course; it’s approximately 3 miles long and riders will be doing two laps. Here you will start on the Coal Mine trail and head out in the opposite direction of the 10:00 AM race. Shortly after the start, you will encounter and short and steep climb where most will have to walk their bike up. Once you reach the top you will find some fast single track and flowing turns. The finish will be on the Coal Mine Trail which is flat and packed gravel where the crowd awaits you!

* NOTE: The 1:30 PM race may be delayed shortly – stay tuned for updates.


Race Day Schedule



The race site is located just a couple of blocks from Downtown Roslyn.

From I-90 East: Take Exit 80 (Salmon LaSac/Roslyn). Continue (on Bullfrog Rd) for about 2 miles and you will come to a roundabout, continue straight, and in about 2 miles you will reach downtown Roslyn. To go to race site, turn right on E. Pennsylvania Ave. To go to camp site, turn left on W. Washington Ave and right on N 3rd St.
From I-90 West: Take exit 84 toward Cle Elum. Turn right onto Oakes Ave, and then left onto WA-903 N/W 2nd St. Continue on WA903N. Just past Cle Elum Roslyn High School, at the traffic circle, take the 1st exit and stay on WA-903N and continue for about 1.2 miles to downtown Roslyn. To go to race site, turn right on E. Pennsylvania Ave. To go to camp site, turn left on W. Washington Ave and right on N 3rd St.

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Tent Camping

Due to weather and the condition of the designated campground, camping at the park in Roslyn is only available for tent camping only (no cars on grass). The tent camping is located about 5 blocks away in the downtown area, and it’s primitive (no water, no electricity). Camping available for FRIDAY & SATURDAY, to the Washington Student Cycling League members only. Registration for these camp sites can be found here.


RV Camping & More Tent Camping

An email went out earlier this week concerning the camping challenges that we are facing due to weather.

Below are camping options for you for this weekend. Keep in mind that parking is somewhat limited in Roslyn – we will be parking mainly on the city streets, so carpooling is suggested. There is no guarantee that you will be able to find day parking for RV’s on Sunday.

The venues listed below have lots of availability.

RV & TENT CAMPING- 5 Miles from Roslyn

The Last Resort
14254 Salmon La Sac Road
Ronald Washington 98940
(509) 649-2222

RV & TENT CAMPING – 10 Miles from Roslyn

This is where we raced in 2015. However, camping would be at the lower ranch, not up on the hill. Can accommodate large groups and a large number of RV’s.

Flying Horseshoe Ranch
The Blackburn Family
3190 Red Bridge Road
Cle Elum, WA 98922
(509) 674-2366

RV & TENT CAMPING- 4 Miles from Roslyn

Whispering Pines RV Park
100 Whispering Pines Dr
Cle Elum, WA 98922
(509) 674-7278

RV & TENT CAMPING – 8 Miles from Roslyn

Can accommodate large groups and a large number of RV’s.

Eagle Valley Campground
390 Watson Cutoff Rd
Cle Elum, Washington
(509) 674-7762


The closest hotels/motels are located in Cle Elum, WA.


  • I was awarded the Leader’s Jersey last race. What do I do with it?WEAR IT the next race. Receiving a Leader’s Jersey is a highly coveted honor, be proud to wear it.
  • Do I need to register for the race? No. When you register for the Spring Program you are automatically pre-registered for all of the races. It is imperative that you know what your race category is. You can verify your category here. Note that there are deadlines for filing a petition for changing your race category.
  • How do I get my race plate with my bib number? See Race Plate above.
  • What day is the race? Race days are always on Sunday’s. Course setup is on Saturday and course pre-ride is on Saturday afternoons from 2pm to 5pm.
  • How early should I arrive on race day? Team tents should be setup in the Village no later than 9:00 AM, but earlier is recommended. Often the course runs through the Village so setting up early is best. Student-athletes and parents, I would talk to your coach about when they would like you there.
  • Can we put our team tent anywhere we like? No. All team tents must be located in the Village.
  • What is the “Village”? The Village is where we build community! Located in the heart of the venue, the Village is where team tents are located, Registration, Volunteer Check-in, First Aid, Neutral Support and often time the Feed Zone or Hydration Station.
  • What is the Feed Zone? The Feed Zone is an area designated for providing riders with hydration and nutrition during the races in a safe, controlled manner. Designated coaches, riders, and volunteers can enter the feed zone and hand-off food and bottles, sun glasses, jackets, etc. to riders as they pass by. Bring your own water bottle.
  • Will there be food available at the race? Most races we will not have food vendors. If one will be available we will post on the race site. We will be providing snacks for our volunteers which will be available when you check in at the volunteer tent. PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN FOOD AND DRINK. We encourage parents to get involved with providing food for your team! Hang out, bbq, and meet your neighbors. If you do bbq, it is always a good idea to bring a fire extinguisher. Note: some venues may ban bbq’s. If this is the case, it will be clearly posted.
  • What time do I need to be at the start line? See the Race Day Schedule listed above.
  • Will there be rider call-ups? Yes. See Rider Staging above.
  • How does the scoring work? There are two competitions. Individual by Race Category and Team Competition. See the Rule Book for more information.
  • What I want to change race categories, how does that work? If you would like to change categories, you must file a petition by the deadline. The petition is reviewed by the Rules and Appeals Committee. If your petition is approved for an “upgrade”, for instance if you go from Intermediate to JV or JV to Varsity, your earned points will be carried forward to your new category. Unfortunately downgrade points do not follow.