Rider Ryan Bean


Name: Ryan Bean
City: Woodinville
Team: Northshore Gnarwhals
Grade: 10

How long have you been mountain biking?
I’ve been riding for about five or six years.

How did you end up riding with the League?
I’ve always been looking for something to do, and when I found out about the League it seemed like a fun opportunity.

How long have you been involved?
I’ve been in the League since seventh grade, so for four years now.

What do you like best about it?
I like riding with my team because it’s fun to race my teammates and have our coaches push us to our limits.

What’s the most challenging part about it?
Racing. Races are the hardest part because you have to be going as fast as you can for the whole race or people will catch up to you!

How did you overcome that challenge?
Riding a lot. To really train for the races you have to get out and ride every day even if you’re not going your fastest. If I don’t ride every day during the season, I see a difference in how fast I go on my next ride.

How has participating impacted the rest of your life?
I’ve got to meet a lot of new people and it’s opened up more riding opportunities. Now I participate in other racing events including Enduro and try to make it to every Tiger Tuesday ride.

What would you say to a friend who was considering joining a League team?
Join. Fortunately you don’t have to be good at mountain biking to ride or race, I wasn’t when I started.

What’s one word that describes your experience with the League?