Race report: Molly Meehan


Name: Molly Meehan
Grade: 10
City: Anacortes
Team: Anacortes Composite

I’m not a very competitive person and after 3 years of racing I’ve found that racing is WAY more fun if you’re relaxed and focused on going out and having fun; so, coming into this race my goal was to help the first-time racers feel somewhat relaxed at the start of the race, encouraging them to just have fun, do their best and not worry about what place they’ll get. I think that when you have a positive mindset you’re bound to do much better and have way more fun!

The JBLM course is a pretty good introduction course, definitely not my favorite race, but I can’t say I wasn’t having fun! It was pretty high speed most of the time and there was this short, flowy descent that was a blast to ride down! The ending straight-away of the course was so loud and crazy I couldn’t help but smile! My face actually hurt at the end of the race from smiling so much. All of the people out there cheering make the racing a blast, and I’m happy to say I probably had too much fun:)