Race Report from a League Graduate


April 20, 2016

Meet Elle Lee.

For 4 years Elle rode with the Pilchuck Composite Team. In Elle’s words she tells you what it was like to be part of the race as a volunteer.

Photo by Bryan MacDonald

Photo by Bryan MacDonald

This past weekend I went back to go help out with the Washington Student Cycling League’s race in Gig Harbor, a race that I had done that very weekend, a year ago. I raced with the league for four years (first two years intermediate/JV and the last two Varsity)! Even after graduating and attending Western Washington University, I was overjoyed to discover I had a free weekend that I could go back and rejoin the community. Although not lining up on the start line to race, I volunteered as a sweep for the 6th grade girls group. The course was just as I remembered it, with the exception of a few new bumps and turns. However, this time I got to enjoy the race course at a very different pace than before. Me and my group walked up hills, held our breaks down them, and took rests to stay hydrated! Every kid I had the pleasure of riding with and supporting during their race was grinning ear to ear, even after a spill or two. This is a reflection of the amazing support and attitudes from the parents, along with encouraging ambiance that the league has encompassed. I am honored to have been a part of such a wonderful family.

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