Race Report: Elena Runyan


Name: Elena Runyan
Grade: 12
City: Sammamish
Team: Issaquah Composite

What a fun race! I was blown away by the sportsmanship shown by all the young riders. Every time a rider wanted to pass me, they kindly asked, waited until I found a good spot, and then thanked me as they rode past. Fantastic job everyone! I am so proud of how much the Student League has grown.

The race was very fun! My favorite part was sprinting down a steep hill and running right into a tree! Other highlights include getting passed by a MS Advanced teammate Matt right at the beginning of the first lap, signing with my competitor Elis before and after the race, and crossing the finish line while doing the “Sam” (dabbing across the finish line). I can’t wait until the next race, which is sure to be full of more fun!

See you then everyone!