Do you know of a venue that you think would be suitable for our student league races? If so, please let us know.

Washington Student League Race Course Criteria:

A race course should be suitable for all skill levels, but take into consideration that a large number student riders are true beginners. Ideally the course will include a nice mix of single track and wider track to allow for passing. High speed descents should be avoided, thus single track descents are preferred.

  • 4 to 6 mile loop.
  • Some single track, some wider trail.
  • Start and finish line should be in near proximity if not the same location, and ideally located near the “Team Village”.
  • No two-way traffic on the course.
  • No road crossings with car traffic.

VENUE: You can have the best race course around, but that does not necessarily mean that the venue is suitable to hold a race. Please consider the following:

  • Is the venue accessible in early spring? Many great venues are located in higher elevations where snow does not melt until late spring or early summer.
  • Is there emergency access? In case of an injury, can emergency vehicles access the course? is there a local hospital nearby?
  • Is there parking for about 200 cars? Ideally located near the “Team Village” without road crossing.
  • Is there a large open field or area for staging the start/finish line, team tents, vendors, etc.?
  • Camping on-site or nearby is a bonus!

LOCATION: Race locations should work for the majority of League participants.

If you know of a suitable venue for WSCL races, please contact