Spring League Program

The Spring League is a holistic youth empowerment program through cross-country mountain biking for students grades 6 through 12.

The program is delivered through educated and highly competent volunteer coaches. The Washington Student Cycling League has a coaching development program to ensure that all coaches are given the tools that they need to be successful.

Teams are either school-based or regionally-based. Most teams meet 1-3 times per week. There is an optional 4-race series in the spring.

Education, Clinics & Events

Throughout the year we offer various conferences, clinics and events for our coaches and student riders. For all open registration sessions, visit our online registration system. Including:

  • Coaches Education and Clinics: Offered periodically throughout the year.
  • Student Education, Camps & Clinics: periodically throughout the year.
  • Races: Offered in the Spring as part of the Spring League Program.

Spring League Season

The Washington Student Cycling League encourages everyone to get out on your bike and enjoy the trails year round. However, WSCL has strict training limits for the League Spring Program season. These limits protect student athletes and coaches and create a more supportive (rather than overly competitive) environment for all riders and teams, in addition to limiting everyone’s exposure to physical risk and mental burnout. While WSCL is 100% committed to supporting our riders and coaches in the case of accidents, we are only able to provide insurance coverage to support sanctioned activities during sanctioned dates.

Spring League Season
2021 Season: To be determined.

After the first of the year is when most teams start practicing on a regular basis. Each team has a different practice schedule, please check with your team/coach.

As part of the Spring League Program, we offer a series of four competitive races. These events are optional however, we encourage all teams, coaches, student-athletes, friends and family to attend. Races are typically in April and May-early June.

* Season end date varies each year and is approximately 2 weeks after the last race of the season.



All registration for any Washington Student Cycling League event or program goes through our online registration system. Because we are a youth organization, the accounts in the system are “family” accounts. Student athletes under the age of 18 will need a parent or guardian to be the primary account holder.

Registration will require a Participation Code. Please check with your coach to obtain the code.

If you are a new participant and do not have a team, please contact the league director.


Refund Policy

Our refund policy can be found here.