Race Report: Taylor Libman

Name: Taylor Libman Grade: 10 City: Mercer Island Team: Mercer Island Composite My goals going into this race were to have fun racing and to make it onto the podium. I met both of my goals, however, it wasn’t my best race. I crashed pretty badly in the middle and didn’t pace correctly. At least […]

Coach Kristi’s Corner – April 18, 2017

Keys to Racing Success: Pre-Riding the Course and Mental Preparation I hope the first race went well! With one down and three more to go, I wanted to talk a little bit about the importance of doing a pre-ride lab before your race, and also the importance of mental preparation. First prepare your body and […]

Race report: Molly Meehan

Name: Molly Meehan Grade: 10 City: Anacortes Team: Anacortes Composite I’m not a very competitive person and after 3 years of racing I’ve found that racing is WAY more fun if you’re relaxed and focused on going out and having fun; so, coming into this race my goal was to help the first-time racers feel […]

Coach Jenny Hare

Name: Jenny Hare City: Prosser, WA School: Prosser Middle School Composite Team Team: Nuclear Goat Heads # of years with League: First Year How did you start coaching? My son fell in love with mountain biking and while hunting for summer mountain bike camps, I stumbled upon the League and knew it was something our […]

Volunteer Blair Cooper

Name: Blair Cooper City: Fall City Team: Lake Washington Composite Middle/High School # of years with League: 4 How did you start volunteering? When my two sons started riding in the Washington Student Cycling League, I saw volunteering to ride with the team as an excuse to ride my bike. I had just started mountain […]

Volunteer Mark Lambie

Name: Mark Lambie City: University Place # of years with League: 7 Describe your volunteer role: I’m one of the many hands in the background. I help with getting the equipment to and from the race venue, setup, fill-in as needed, walk around trying to sample the good food the teams make, tear down, and packing […]

Trail etiquette tips brought to you by the Washington Student Cycling League Student Council

Starting When starting a race… Be kind and encouraging to other riders while waiting for the race to start. Remember, even that they are your competitors, all your fellow racers are probably just as nervous as you are! As the race starts, try not to swerve in front of people. If you fall, get back […]

Washington Student Cycling League Student Council

What is the WSCL Student Council all about? The Student Council is a great way to get even more involved in the Washington Student Cycling League! If you have ideas for the League, this is a way to make them heard. As a group, we are able to provide a rider’s point of view and influence decisions. […]

Coach Kristi’s Corner: Pre-Race Edition April 2017

It’s here, it’s race season! Here are some things to remember as we enter the most exciting time of our year. Ask students about their racing goals Every student rider wants something different out of their race season. For some, it’s the first time they’ve raced mountain bikes, and their goal might be just to […]

Why Choose Primal?

      The Washington Student Cycling League is supported by Primal Wear. We believe in Primal Wear and want to tell you why. THEY BELIEVE Primal Wear believes that the future of cycling depends on the growth of youth participation and cultivation of future advocates. Primal Wear is proud to sponsor the Washington Student […]