Race Recap from Roslyn: Elena Runyan

Name: Elena Runyan Grade: 12 City: Sammamish Team: Issaquah Composite Roslyn was yet another super fun race! I had a really bad cold the day of the race, which really damaged my race performance. However, some good things came out of riding so much more slowly than usual! I got to ride with some people […]

Coach Kristi’s Corner – May 16, 2017

Give it your all at the State Championships! The last race of the season is fast approaching, and I want to congratulate everyone so far on such a great season. Now it’s time to take everything you learned so far — all your experiences during the first three races — and use that to help you […]

Coach Kristi’s Corner – May 2, 2017

Eating to race your best The League season is in full swing with two races down and two to go. Have you dialed in what to eat in order to feel your best on the bike? Now is a great time to revisit race day nutrition.  Start your day right Let’s start with pre-race nutrition. […]

Race Report: Jessica Darlington

Name: Jessica Darlington Grade: 9 City: Seattle Team: Ballard With my first two races of the season done all I want to do is ride and race my bike. The latest race at 360 Park was a blast! My goal going into it was to start strong and have fun! Thankfully, I met both of […]

Coach Julie Gold

Name: Julie Gold City: Anacortes Team: Anacortes Middle and High School Composite Years with League: 4 years How did you start coaching? I started coaching because some crazy guys roped me into getting a team started in Anacortes, including my son who was in 8th grade at the time. I love working with teens in […]

Volunteer Jose Quiray

Name: Jose Quiray City: Bothell  Team: Lake Washington Years with League: 3 Describe your volunteer service: I’m the Emcee! Why are you volunteering/how did you start volunteering? My girlfriend Susan coaches on the Lake Washington Middle School Composite team and it was a great way to spend time together over the weekend, since I travel […]

Race Report: Elena Runyan

Name: Elena Runyan Grade: 12 City: Sammamish Team: Issaquah Composite What a fun race! I was blown away by the sportsmanship shown by all the young riders. Every time a rider wanted to pass me, they kindly asked, waited until I found a good spot, and then thanked me as they rode past. Fantastic job […]

Race Report: Taylor Libman

Name: Taylor Libman Grade: 10 City: Mercer Island Team: Mercer Island Composite My goals going into this race were to have fun racing and to make it onto the podium. I met both of my goals, however, it wasn’t my best race. I crashed pretty badly in the middle and didn’t pace correctly. At least […]

Coach Kristi’s Corner – April 18, 2017

Keys to Racing Success: Pre-Riding the Course and Mental Preparation I hope the first race went well! With one down and three more to go, I wanted to talk a little bit about the importance of doing a pre-ride lab before your race, and also the importance of mental preparation. First prepare your body and […]

Race report: Molly Meehan

Name: Molly Meehan Grade: 10 City: Anacortes Team: Anacortes Composite I’m not a very competitive person and after 3 years of racing I’ve found that racing is WAY more fun if you’re relaxed and focused on going out and having fun; so, coming into this race my goal was to help the first-time racers feel […]