Meet Troy Kasper


Photo by Troy Kasper via Facebook!

Troy is the head coach of the Northshore High School Composite Team – aka “The Gnarwhals” who spew rainbows.

Way, way back in 2011, Troy’s oldest son Zac joined the League as a Freshman. Back then we were only a high school league starting at 9th grade (I bet many of you didn’t know that). At that time, Troy and his wife Charli were supportive parents on the team and Kari Studley was the head coach. The following year, Troy stepped into a coaching role and at that point the team officially became the “Gnarwhals”, not to be confused with the narwhals! Then, the next year in 2013, the League opened it’s doors to middle schoolers starting in 7th grade and Troy and Charli’s 7th grade son Zane signed on.

Flash forward to 2016 – Zac is attending Washington State University and completed all four of his high school years in the League (yeah Zac!) and Zane “the insane” is still with the team as a 10th grader.

WHAT WE WANT YOU TO KNOW ABOUT TROY besides the fact that he is married to Charli, his son Zac graduated from the League, his son Zane is still riding with us, he is head coach of the Northshore High School Composite team, is that Troy plays a pivotal role in getting the courses set up on Saturday. EVERY Saturday before the race Troy shows up with helpers in tow. He works tirelessly setting up the course into late afternoon and then returns bright and early the next day to greet his team with his infections smile. Furthermore, Troy keeps the volunteers well caffeinated with Starbucks (go Starbucks!) and volunteers for other various League tasks like helping at the Seattle Bike Show. This year, Troy is also serving on the Rules and Appeals committee evaluating and giving input on various topics involving the League.

Look for Troy’s rides posted on the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance’s webpage. Not only an Evergreen Ride Leader, Troy helps with the Trailbuilders School and serves Evergreen in many other ways. Troy is a true Ambassador to the League, to Evergreen and to mountain biking in our state. THANK YOU TROY KASPER!