Meet our New Education Program Manager – Sarah Bender

Meet our New Education Program Manager – Sarah Bender


League:  Welcome to this new position!  We’re excited to hear about your journey that got you here.

Sarah:  Well, I started with Lisa from the very beginning when the League started under NICA.  And Lisa and I used to race against each other both in cross country and cyclocross, when we both were younger. And we’re talking a long time ago, like 15 years ago.  I wanted to start a high school mountain bike club because I love cycling (all genres!!) and have 4 boys.  At the time my oldest was in 4th grade, so I was investing in their future.  Little did I know that son would sell his mountain bike his senior year to buy car parts.  And my second son retired from the League due to his downhill race schedule. Side proud mom note:  We are super excited that he was recently named to represent the USA JR boys in the UCI Downhill Mountain Bike World Championships in Lenzerheide, Switzerland Sept 3-9, 2018.

League:  Congratulations!  That’s so exciting!  So it sounds like there’s been lots of racing in your house.

Sarah: Yes, I think that’s why I love the League.  As someone who loves the sport and has been involved with racing for the past 20 years, seeing so many kids, families and teams come together to experience everything that mountain biking offers has just been so incredible.  As a teacher and mountain biking coach, this new position is super exciting for me.  I’m hoping I can do a good job and continue to grow the League’s mission and values, through quality education and programming.

Sarah can be reached at