Meet Coree Collins – Coach of New Gig Harbor Team

Meet Coree Collins – Coach of New Gig Harbor Team

I am fortunate to say that cycling through many disciplines has been an integral part of my life (and sanity) for the last 13 years. My 13 year old would argue that spending her first 6 years of life in the back of a burley trailer would seem less than fortunate, however.

Through cycling, I have accomplished goals, experienced frustration & setbacks, conquered fear, and developed a life-long passion for mountain biking that has always been reliable for turning the worst of weeks into the best hours of my life.

I simply cannot stop talking about mountain bikes. Finding passion in life is a huge deal for everyone and few things in my life have been more rewarding than witnessing my own children overcome their fears and develop a passion for an activity that we are able to share together.

I am excited to start the Key-Pen Composite Middle & High School team out of Gig Harbor this year. We have some extremely talented students joining us this season and smiles I have seen so far say it all!

I am also extremely excited to be a part of the Washington Student Cycling League. I had an opportunity to participate in the two coaching clinics in October. I felt welcomed into a community of new and veteran coaches and I left feeling confident that I had what it takes to bring on the fun and have a rewarding season.

For more information about the Key Pen Composite teams, you can contact Coree at