Legacy Rider Elle Lee


November 3, 2016

photo_legacy-rider_elle-leeWHERE ARE THEY NOW

Legacy Rider: Elle Lee
City: Arlington WA
Team: Pilchuck Composite
Years raced: 2012-2015

How long have you been mountain biking?
5-6 years

How did you end up riding with the League?
I got started with the League when I saw a flyer at my local bike shop–they sponsor the team.

What did you like best about it?
I absolutely loved having a team to ride with and being able to meet so many people that share your same interests. I have learned so much from the incredible coaches that volunteer their time to the League. The best part is really the community that this League creates.

What was the hardest or most challenging part about it?
The races, both mentally and physically. They really test your limits as to what your body can do, in all sorts of weather, terrain and technical difficulties.

What did you do about that challenge?
Overcoming the physical challenge of the races really comes down to having a good mental attitude. The two go hand in hand; sometimes you have to grit your teeth and just hang on and other times you get a burst of energy and can get a good flow going. They key for me was learning how to smile when I was going through both. Win or lose, know you gave it everything you had, and had fun while doing it.

How has participating impacted you and/or the rest of your life?
Cycling is not just my sport, it is my lifestyle. It is not just the riding itself; it is the people involved, the lessons learned and the places riding takes you. I have met so many extraordinary people through the League, along with the rest of the cycling community, that continue to inspire me every day. Cycling has taught me the perseverance and dedication pay off in the long run, in all aspects of life. Not to mention the amazing places you can travel with your bike. I can honestly say that this sport, and the League that introduced me to it, shaped me into the person that I am today.  

Are you still involved?
I did come back to be a sweep for the middle school girls at one of last year’s races. It was really great to see how much the League has grown over the years. Especially in how many young girls have decided to conquer the sport of mountain biking. It was wonderful to talk to some of the coaches and to be recognized by a few of the parents who

What are you doing now/What’s next for you?
Currently I am attending Western Washington University getting my bachelor’s of science degree in psychology and biology. My hope is to move on to get my master’s degree in clinical psychology and nutrition, and to achieve my doctorate in holistic medicine. As for riding bikes, I still continue to shred up here on Bellingham’s awesome trails, and race cyclocross and mountain biking whenever possible!

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