Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)


  • Who can participate in the Washington Student Cycling League?
    Students grades 6 to 12 are eligible to participate. The Spring League is team-based, however, if you don’t have a team in your area, you can still participate. For a description of the types of teams or help finding a team in your area, please visit
  • My son/daughter is in 5th grade and really wants to participate. Can they?
    Some camps and clinics are open to 5th graders but the Spring League is only open to 6th to 12th grade students.
  • I am new to mountain biking, is it hard to learn?
    We have riders join us at every level starting with those that have never mountain biked before to seasoned competitors. All are welcome! Our coaches have been trained to work with student athletes of all ability levels.
  • What equipment is required?
    Student riders must provide their own bike and helmet. If you need help in obtaining these items, your coach may be of some assistance.
  • What kind of bike do I need?
    You will need a mountain bike, as designated by the manufacture, designed for off-road biking. If you are interested in finding a local bike shop to evaluate your bike to make sure it is appropriate for this program, please contact the League.
  • When does the Spring League season start?
    The Spring League officially starts on January 1 and ends approximately 2 weeks after the last race of the season. This date varies each year, but the last race is typically in late May to early June.
  • How often are practices and how long are they?
    How often practices are held and how long they are is determined by the coaches of each team in the League. The minimum number of practices during the Spring League Program is once per week. On average, team practice once during the week after school and once on the weekend for a longer trail ride.


  • How do I register with the Washington Student Cycling League?
    It’s easy. Create an account and login anytime to register for the League or any League event. Click here for our registration system. For assistance on registering your child, please read this guide. ALL REGISTRATION MUST BE COMPLETED BY AN ADULT OR LEGAL GUARDIAN.
  • How do I register with the Washington Student Cycling League or for an event?
    All League registration is processed online and can be done here. Note that all races are included in the program fee so registration for races is not necessary.
  • How much does it cost?
    Costs can be found here.
  • How much does it cost if a student doesn’t want to participate in the races?
    Our comprehensive program includes much more than just racing, therefore we follow a program fee model, much like other scholastic and club sports. The program fee includes all races whether the rider participate in them or not.
  • Is financial assistance available?
    Yes. Applications should be submitted as soon as possible.
  • What is your refund policy?
    Program Fees: Program Fees are partially refunded and issued for season-ending injuries only. Refunds are prorated based on the number of weeks remaining in the program, less a 15% administrative fee. No refunds for Program Fees will be issued after the first race.
    Conferences, Summits, Camps & Clinics: 100% refundable 3 weeks prior to event, less 15% administrative fee. 50% refundable 2 week prior to event, less 15% administrative fee. No refunds issued less than 2 weeks before the event.


  • Are middle school and high school students on the same team?
    No. Middle school and high school teams are separate from one another and score in different divisions at the races. Each team has their own Team Manager or Head Coach. However, there are opportunities for high school student riders to serve as mentors to middle school student riders and sometimes teams combine for practices.
  • My son/daughter wants to join a team but does not have one at his/her school. Can he/she still participate?
    Yes! There are two types of teams, school-based and composite teams. Composite teams are for students who do not have a team at his/her school. These teams are geographically based and include many schools within the school district. Visit to find the team closest to you. If you do not have a composite team near you, students can still participate as an Independent Rider.
  • My son/daughter is home schooled. Can he/she participate?
    Yes! As a homeschool student he/she may join the closest team, regardless if it is a school-based team or a composite team.
  • As the parent of an enrolled student rider, can I go on the team rides and practices?
    Only if you are registered as an adult volunteer (coach). If you plan on actively participating with the team, we recommend that you register as a coach.
  • Can siblings come along on team rides?
    Only if they are in 6th-12th grade and registered in the program.


        • I want to be a coach or help with a team, do I need to be really fit or have advanced bike skills?
          No. The WSCL coaching program can help you get prepared to work with a team in any capacity, regardless of fitness or skills.


      • I want to volunteer, how can I help?

          • Help with a team. There are many roles and responsibilities on each team and as you can imagine – it takes a village! You can be the head coach, assistant coach, a ride leader, a team manager. You can help with other team tasks such as providing food, managing the finances, helping with the team website, and more. To find a team in your area, visit

          • Volunteer at one of our races. Jump into the action and assist with race logistics by helping out with scoring, monitoring the course to ensure that riders are safe, or work the microphone as riders cross the finish line. Races require approximately 50 volunteers each weekend we couldn’t put these events on without your help! Saturday and Sunday positions are available. Visit for a list of all race volunteer positions.

          • Serve on a committee. We have various committees to help the League with things like establishing and enforcing league rules, putting on a fundraising event, processing scholarship applications, and more. For information, contact

          • Use your special skills. The WSCL is always needing assistance with special projects like creating brochures and fliers, researching educational topics, making maps, finding race venues, and more. Let your imagination go wild here. If you have any special skills or interest, let us know! Send an email to

I still have questions, who do I contact?