Faces of the League: Tom Phillips


Meet Tom Phillips


2004 Cyclocross National Championships

Tom Phillips is one of an exceptional group of coaches that have been part of the League since the very first day. You may recognize him if you come to the races on Saturday because his is always there setting up the race course. Or you may recognize him in the front of Ballard High School pack on Sunday’s pre-ride. He also works tirelessly behind the scenes on other aspects leading up to race day like designing courses, obtaining permits, hauling equipment and more.

A few things about Tom worth mentioning:

  • he once scored a million points on Donkey Kong,
  • his is often mistaken for Sean Penn,
  • he is a budding actor with his most notable appearance in the infamous episode of Grey’s Anatomy where Dr. McDreamy is killed off the show,
  • he first started mountain biking in 1999 when someone gave him a mountain bike for this birthday and entered him into a race – it was a Nishiki Colorado, hardtail (they didn’t make suspension then) and he rode it in short shorts and tennis shoes, but sometimes in Levi jeans and jacket (see below),
  • while Tom is a strong mountain biker, his most accomplished sport is cyclocross where he finished 4th place in the masters 2004 Cyclocross National Championships,
  • this summer he will be competing in the Breck Epic, a 6-day mountain bike race.

1999 Mountain Biking in the mountains in Oregon outside of Greenhorn.