Education and Clinics for Coaches

WSCL 100: Orientation and Youth Protection

This course will help you understand the WSCL program and the basics of our youth protection policies and procedures. It contains 3 modules and is required for all Level 1 coaches before being added to a roster or attending any league activities:

  • League Orientation and Coaching Philosophy
  • Youth Protection Policies and Procedures
  • Concussion in Sports
Prerequisites: Register as a WSCL team volunteer
Required to: Be added to a team roster or volunteer at any WSCL team activity.
Online   A link will be provided with coach or clinic registration.

WSCL 201: Coaching Youth on MTB Rides

This course develops the understanding and skills to make it back, stoked, and empowered. We dive into the constant decision making required while taking on the responsibility of leading youth on a mountain bike ride and coaching in general. Topics include risk management, making a ride fun, and using mountain biking to help youth grow.
Prerequisites: WSCL 100
Required to: Be the Person in Charge of any WSCL team activity.


WSCL 301: Beginning Skills Instruction and Coaching

This course introduces coaches to a standard lesson format and an understanding of how to teach basic mountain bike skills and what to look for when you assess and give feedback to your students to help them improve their competence and confidence on the trail. You will come away with the 7 foundational lessons of the WSCL curriculum.
Prerequisites: WSCL 201, Current Basic First Aid and CPR
Required to: Give mountain bike skills instruction during a WSCL team activity.