Coach Shannon Mahre-Skouras


photo_shannonmahreName: Shannon Mahre-Skouras

City: Naches

Team: Yakima

Years involved: 2014- present

How are you involved with the League?

I am the coach for the Yakima Team and I also host free MTB clinics for women and kids throughout the PNW.

What got you started?

I have always loved coaching, teaching and inspiring kids and women, so when the opportunity to coach mountain biking (which I also love) I didn’t even hesitate. A day out riding with and teaching kids is always a day well spent–always.

What do you like best about it?

I love watching the students’ progress, and watching them overcome their fears. There really is nothing like it.

What’s the hardest or most challenging part about it?

I would say the most challenging part is figuring out how to teach all of the individual kids, because they all learn quite differently. Getting through to them and helping them understand and learn what you are trying to teach them can be difficult, but is also extremely rewarding once we get past the obstacle together.

What’s been an inspiring moment for you?

Watching these kids do things that many grown adults won’t do on bikes. That is extremely inspiring to me.

How have you seen the mission fulfilled through your work?

The goal is always to empower kids and to help them develop the strength to succeed not only in mountain biking, but in school and in their daily lives as well. Knowing that I am helping them gain strength, confidence and a true focus is extremely fulfilling to me.

How has volunteering impacted you and/or the rest of your life?

Volunteering has and always will be an insanely positive impact on my life. These kids inspire me, they challenge me and they help me to be the best version of myself every single day.

What’s one word that describes your experience with the League?


Anything else you want to share?

Sometimes you are just a coach, but sometimes your influence is the reason that these kids choose the straight and narrow. Be the inspiration that you needed when you were young – you never know just how much it could change a person’s life for the better.