Coach Kristi’s Corner: June 13, 2017

Coach Kristi’s Corner: June 13, 2017

Coach Kristi Berg has been racing bicycles in various disciplines since 1994. Read about Coach Kristi Berg here.

Congrats on a great season!

You did it! No doubt you pushed yourself physically and mentally, stretching outside your comfort zone. Hopefully you also had a ton of fun! And now, you’ve earned some rest and recovery.

Find the recovery that’s right for you

Every rider is different, but often at the end of a race season, burnout is an issue. If you feel yourself not being as excited to ride your bike, take some time off from riding. It’s almost summer, and there are plenty of other activities to pursue: hiking, rock climbing, swimming or others. My family enjoys rally racing!

If you want to ride, maybe try riding just for fun rather than against the clock. Or if you want to race, you could dip into a different discipline, like enduro or gravel grinding.

No matter what you choose, be sure to listen to yourself, and follow your gut intuition on what you need–what will recharge you and make you happy? Do that!

And then you’ll be ready and raring to go next year. See you next season! 


Coach Kristi Berg has been racing bicycles in various disciplines since 1994: Road (Cat 2), Cyclocross (Elite), BMX (expert in 20″) and MTB (professional downhill, crosscountry, and dual slalom). She enjoys coaching and sharing all she has learned through riding and racing, and is committed to giving back to her cycling community. Kristi is a Level 2 USAC Cycling Coach and owner of Berg’s Coaching Services. Get in touch at