Coach Kristi’s Corner – May 16, 2017

Coach Kristi’s Corner – May 16, 2017

Coach Kristi Berg has been racing bicycles in various disciplines since 1994. Read about Coach Kristi Berg here.

Give it your all at the State Championships!

The last race of the season is fast approaching, and I want to congratulate everyone so far on such a great season.

Now it’s time to take everything you learned so far — all your experiences during the first three races — and use that to help you find success in the last race. What worked? What would you change? Figure out your game plan now.

Then go out there next weekend in Spokane and give it all you’ve got! This race is the State Championships as well as the season ender race so make this race the best you can. Remember to have fun and enjoy yourself, too. Riding bikes is fun!

And celebrate your own success! You’ve come a long way and worked hard during the past few months. Remember to thank your coaches for all their hard work helping you get to where you are today. And also make sure to thank your parents and family for helping to get you to all your practices and races. Mountain biking is a community sport, and this is what makes the League so great.

Now get out there and ride your bike hard and fast and put a big smile on your face!


Coach Kristi Berg has been racing bicycles in various disciplines since 1994: Road (Cat 2), Cyclocross (Elite), BMX (expert in 20″) and MTB (professional downhill, crosscountry, and dual slalom). She enjoys coaching and sharing all she has learned through riding and racing, and is committed to giving back to her cycling community. Kristi is a Level 2 USAC Cycling Coach and owner of Berg’s Coaching Services. Get in touch at