Lisa Miller

Executive Director | Board Member

Q:  How long have you been associated with the league and in what capacity?

A:  As the Founder, I guess you could say that I have been associated with the league since day one! I am the current Executive Director and I love my work immensely. One day I hope to be a coach in the league and ride sweep at one of the races.

Q:  What are a couple of your favorite Mt. Bike Trails?

A:  Any trail in New Zealand! I dream of going back soon to ride more. A little closer to home I love Rosy Boa out of the Ski Hill in Leavenworth. 

Q:  Have you or do you have kids in the league?

A:  Ironically, I don’t have kids but I have dedicated much of my life to working with kids.  I was a Girl Scout Leader for 11 years with the same troop and watched a group of 2nd graders participate in the program until they graduated from high school. I have also served as a volunteer educator hosting workshops for kids and their parents learn about puberty. And for several years I volunteered my time to start and operate a clothing bank for homeless children.

Q:  What is your favorite thing about the league?

A:  This is a difficult question for me, where to begin?!?  I guess I would have to say my favorite thing about the league is all the wonderful people in it. Race weekends are blast and I love taking the time to interact with the students, coaches and parents. Watching the students come across the finish line is special to me and I have been known to tear up. But what really makes me shed tears (the big ones)  is at the last race of the season when all the graduating seniors stand in front of our entire community and talk about their future goals. It’s really hard for me to keep my composure.

Q. Can you give us one random fact about yourself?

A. Growing up, I dreamed of being a Solid Gold Dancer.