Kirt Runolfson

Board Treasurer

Q:  How long have you been associated with the league and in what capacity?

A:   I have been with the league for 3 years as a coach and have been helping to grow and build out the Spokane Valley Composite team.

Q:  What are a couple of your favorite Mt. Bike Trails?

A:   Freund Creek in Leavenworth, Post Canyon in Hood River and Ashland Watershed in Oregon.

Q:  Have you or do you have kids in the league?

A:   I have one son, Austin who is currently in the League. My other son is likely to join the league.

Q:  What is your favorite thing about the league?

A:  Helping kids learn that they can grow as human beings through challenging themselves. Plus, I love the mountain biking community!

Q:  Do you participate in any other sports?

A:   I’m an avid rock climber, mountain climber and snow skier although the biking is taking over as the warm weather sport of choice.

Q:  What are your cycling plans for the future?

A:  After my last child graduates, I hope to move to Italy or Spain for a period of time and explore their trails.