2016 Test of Pedal Race Report by Aidan


Aidan finishing his first mountain bike race at the Test of Pedal. Photo by Bryan MacDonald

From Aidan, 8th grade, Seattle Middle School Composite Team:

Sunday was Aidan’s first race ever! He is new to the League and his team is too. Not only is his team new to the League, it’s the first Seattle middle school team in the history of the League!

What is your name?
Aidan Cordero

Where do you go to school?
Hamilton Middle School in Seattle

Do you have a favorite place to ride?

Duthie MTB park.

What were you thinking right before the race?
I was a little bit nervous but mostly just excited. I was also looking forward to when it would be over.

Was the race what you were expecting?
Yeah, I knew it would be really tiring.

Any problems during the race?
No, it went pretty smoothly but I got really tired about half way through.

What was the best thing about finishing?
Debbies chocolate chip cookies, being able to sit down without pedaling, and knowing that I wont be as nervous the next time.

Thank you Aidan for coming out and playing with us! And job well done buddy.