The Washington Student Cycling League is a holistic mountain bike program for students grade 6-12. We are a nonprofit organization that partners with schools and community organizations to provide inclusive cycling opportunities to all students across the state.

Our mission is to promote youth development, confidence, leadership, health and public stewardship through mountain biking and positive outdoor experience and to create a foundation for lifelong cycling enjoyment.

Cycling teaches all of us that goal-setting, persistence and tackling one mile at a time can lead to unimaginable achievements.


Education  •  Leadership  •  Mentorship  •  Stewardship


Skills  •  Practice  •  Trail Exploration


Competition  •  Individual Fitness Goal Achievement


A lifelong passion of cycling


Introducing the LevelUp Challenge

This is a 7-week online course to take you to the next level as a mountain biker. Each week there will be a live video show, skills drills videos, and a Tic-Tac-Toe challenge. Complete them all to be entered to win the weekly leaders jersey and some sweet swag! 

Open to current WSCL students!