2018 State Championships – Wenatchee, WA


Education  •  Leadership  •  Mentorship  •  Stewardship


Skills  •  Practice  •  Trail Exploration


Competition  •  Individual Fitness Goal Achievement


A lifelong passion of cycling

Spring League Program Registration Open in:

Important Dates


October 1
Accepting team applications for pre-season activities

October 1
Registration open for teams and coaches

January 1 – June 15
Spring League Program

January 1
Registration open for student-riders

March 15
Assigned Race Categories Announced

April 1
Spring League Registration for Returning Students Closes

Deadline for Petition Race Category Change for Race #1

April 22
Spring League Registration for New Students Closes – Coach Approval Needed

Deadline for Petition Race Category Change for Race #2

May 10
Deadline for Petition Race Category Change for Race #3

May 24
Deadline for Petition Race Category Change for Race #4

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2019 Races

April 14: Pedaling the Peninsula – Gig Harbor, WA

May 5: Battle at the Base – Dupont, WA

May 19: Roslyn Roundup – Roslyn, WA

June 2: State Championships – Wenatchee, WA


News and Fun Facts

Teams in the Lead after Race 2

High School
1. Inland NW Composite: 936 Points
2. Lewis and Clark High School: 916 Points
3. Bainbridge Island Composite: 903 Points

Middle School
1. Icicle River Middle School: 937 Points
2. Inland NW Composite: 916 Points
3. Seattle Composite: 903 Points

Fastest Average Lap Times for Race 2

Female: Stella Johnson, Varsity (3 laps), Cascade High School, 28:55:62
Male: Alex Popescu, Varsity (4 laps), Inland NW Composite, 24:55:87

Roslyn, Washington

As Roslyn was a “company town”, life in the early years was centered around the production of coal, the first coal deposits were noted in the Roslyn area in 1883. In 1886, Roslyn was platted by Logan M. Bullet, vice president of the Northern Pacific Coal Company, at the time that the company initiated the first commercial coal mining operations there, to support railway operations.

Roslyn’s railroad tracks have been removed and replaced by the Coal Mines Trail which runs from Cle Elum through Roslyn to Ronald, and will serve as our start line for the race. A walk on the trail affords visitors a look at the remains of Roslyn’s mines and railroad depot site.


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