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About Teams

Participating in the Washington Student Cycling League (“WSCL”) is a unique and exclusive opportunity. Similar to other interscholastic and private youth sport league program standards, only registered and official WSCL teams are able to participate in the Spring League and races. Likewise, WSCL teams and student riders cannot participate in non-league races and events representing their associated league team.

The Washington Student Cycling League is not a WIAA recognized or sanctioned interscholastic sport. For this reason, your WSCL “team” is often referred to by schools and school districts as a “club”. The term “team” and “club” are often used interchangeably.

TEAM A cohesive unit of registered student athletes working towards a common shared objective. Each WSCL team operates under the leadership of dedicated coaches and volunteers, holds practice on a regular basis during the Spring League Program and riders on the team attend practices on a regular basis.

There are two types of teams:

School Team

  • All students are from the same school, public or private
  • Can be “official” or “unofficial”
  • Can include home-school students
Composite Team

  • Students are from the same school district or defined boundary which my include multiple school districts.
  • Can include home-school students
Home-School Students:

Home-school students may join the closest public school or composite team in their area based on school district boundaries. Please contact the League Director to confirm which team to join.

Independent Riders:

Students that do not have a team in their area. Independent riders can still race with the League and the League.



  • If you do not have a team in your area, please contact League Director for assistance. If a rider wishes to participate on a composite team outside of their boundary, he or she must file a request to join that team through the petition process. The Petition for Boundary Variance be found here. PETITIONS FOR BOUNDARY VARIANCES MUST BE FILED PRIOR TO RIDER REGISTRATION.