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Team Page in Registration System

  • SportsSignUp
  • Team Wall
  • Team Schedule Publisher
  • easyAlert

The Washington Student League has partnered with SportSignUp to bring you an integrated roster management and online registration system. Communication with riders and their parents as well as other team volunteers is one of the leading frustrations with coaches. With so many communication options between Email, Facebook, text messages and group messaging, one would think communication would be so easy.

SportSignUp is designed to alleviate communication challenges with the highest level of security.

SportSignUp Coach User Guide

What is the Team Wall?
The Team Wall is a place where Riders, Coaches and other team helpers can easily communicate with each other through real time posts.


What is its purpose: The team wall is an internal comunication tool where Coaches and Riders on the roster can easily communicate with each other through real time posts.
What makes it different from other forms of communication? It is a simply way for team members to communicate with each other.

  • Team members can communicate without the need to exchange contact information.
  • No dealing with annoying email strings and back-and-forth phone calls
  • Users have the ability to communicate to the entire team at once.

Is there a cost associated with using the Team Wall feature?

No, the Team Wall feature is free.

Who has access to the Team Wall?

Coaches and Players on your team can access the Team Wall. Coaches and Players can:


  • View their Team Wall
  • Create posts
  • Comment on other posts
  • Delete only their own posts

Is the Team Wall Private?
The Team Wall is completely private. Only team members and administrators can see the posts.
Can pictures be uploaded to the Team Wall?
The Team Wall does not allow users to upload pictures. However, users can include the URL of a picture in a post. Note: pictures can be uploaded in every registrants profile. These photos are visible on the roster for identification purposes.
Can schedules & practices be posted using the Team Wall?
The Team Wall can be used to post any website address or URL. Helpers can also use the Team Schedule Publisher to create a schedule.
Do users get an email every time someone creates a post on their team wall?
Here’s how the Team Wall notifications work:

  • Everyone who is on the team roster (including Helpers) is sent an email for the first post
  • After the first post, when someone comments on an existing post, emails are only sent to the person who started the post

Should we use the Team Wall for urgent messages?
No, urgent messages, like practice cancellations and location changes, should be sent using the easyAlert system as they will receive the message immediately through SMS text message and email.

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